Community Progress October
Nick_Humphrys 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th Oct 2017
Monthly News Letters
Vengeance Gaming October 

Hello all Vengeance members another monthly update for you here. So we have had a really good growth as a community and we also have a lot of upcoming changes for you guys and girls.

Overwatch this month has not got so far this is due to the game doing a really stupid update and making it just not that interesting to play but if you do already play Overwatch then please do check out our discord for it and have some fun if you want thinking i can help get this section going again then please contact  @XmX ... and he will have a chat with you.

League of legends took a bit of a hit this month with our Game Leader Leaving and taking quite a few people with him, But all of that is in the past already as our grow has shot straight back up with the leadership of myself and my section leaders  @Bus ... @Abhay spoil ... @GateThere ... Thank you .
And lets keep this growing Also on the league front we have our LCS event that has now been announced There is a buy in but  every team members entrance fee will go straight back in to the prize pool for all that are entering and make this a event to remember,.
Don't forget to check out our November the 11th event to and don't miss out.

Has slowly been growing at the leadership of  @KapTheKing ... and it has not been an easy thing to grow but its going really well if you don't no about out PUBG Section you can either message Kap or check out the discord links under the members category in the main discord for the server link. Also if you think you can help him get people or want to please contact Kap as well.

Unfortunately has not got a game leader again so if you think you are up for the challenge then please contact me and we can have a chat about it.

I am pleased to announce that we have opened our Rocket League Section this month and it has grown pretty fast with the leadership of my good friend  @Alex ... . Make sure you check out his discord and say hi as well.

For the Pre Release  of Call Of Duty we are going to open a section and this will be for PC , Xbox and PS4 so we also expanding in to console as well if you have pre orded this game join our discord and we will be able to sort you out 

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